Infectivity studies of hepatitis A and B in non-human primates.

  title={Infectivity studies of hepatitis A and B in non-human primates.},
  author={James E. Maynard and D H Krushak and Daniel W. Bradley and K R Berquist},
  journal={Developments in biological standardization},
We have induced hepatitis A in marmosets of the subspecies Saguinus mystax following primary inoculation with human serum containing the MS-1 strain of hepatitis A virus (HAV) and in 3 further marmoset subpassages using infective marmoset serum from each preceding passage. In each passage acquisition of serum antibody against 17 nm virus-like particles recovered from acute illness stools of human volunteers who developed hepatitis following inoculation with the MS-1 strain of HAV, as well as… CONTINUE READING