Infective endocarditis: an analysis based on strict case definitions.

  title={Infective endocarditis: an analysis based on strict case definitions.},
  author={C. Fordham von Reyn and B{\'a}rbara Bianca da Silva Levy and Robert D. Arbeit and Gerald Friedland and Clyde S. Crumpacker},
  journal={Annals of internal medicine},
  volume={94 4 pt 1},
Strict case definitions were applied to 123 clinically diagnosed cases of infective endocarditis. Cases were categorized as definite (19), probable (44), or possible (41) endocarditis or were rejected (19). Compared to other published studies, our patients had an advanced mean age (57), high incidence of underlying valvular disease (66%), short mean duration of symptoms (27 days), and 15% mortality, the lowest reported for a large series. Most cases were caused by viridans streptococci… CONTINUE READING


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