Infectious in vitro transcripts from a plum pox potyvirus cDNA clone.

  title={Infectious in vitro transcripts from a plum pox potyvirus cDNA clone.},
  author={J. Riechmann and S La{\'i}n and Juan Antonio Garc{\'i}a},
  volume={177 2},
A full-length cDNA clone of the 9786 nt plum pox virus (PPV) RNA genome has been cloned downstream from a phage T7 RNA polymerase promoter. The RNAs synthesized by in vitro run-off transcription in the presence of the 5' cap analog m7GpppG were infectious in Nicotiana clevelandii plants. No infectivity was detected when the transcriptions were carried out in the absence of the cap analog. Inoculations of the local lesion host Chenopodium foetidum indicated that the infectivity of the synthetic… CONTINUE READING
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