Infectious Lassa virus, but not filoviruses, is restricted by BST-2/tetherin.

  title={Infectious Lassa virus, but not filoviruses, is restricted by BST-2/tetherin.},
  author={Sheli R Radoshitzky and Lian Dong and Xiaoli Chi and Jeremiah C. Clester and Cary Retterer and Kevin B. Spurgers and Jens H Kuhn and Sarah J. Sandwick and Gordon T Ruthel and Krishna Dwypayan Kota and Dutch Boltz and Travis Warren and Philip J. Kranzusch and Sean P J Whelan and Sina Bavari},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={84 20},
Bone marrow stromal antigen 2 (BST-2/tetherin) is a cellular membrane protein that inhibits the release of HIV-1. We show for the first time, using infectious viruses, that BST-2 also inhibits egress of arenaviruses but has no effect on filovirus replication and spread. Specifically, infectious Lassa virus (LASV) release significantly decreased or increased in human cells in which BST-2 was either stably expressed or knocked down, respectively. In contrast, replication and spread of infectious… CONTINUE READING