Infections of the infratemporal fossa: imaging/clinical correlations.


While infections of the infratemporal fossa are occasionally documented in the otolaryngologic literature, a recent computer literature search failed to identify any significant series of cases describing this potentially fatal infection. This presentation focuses attention on the joint clinical/imaging experience of 11 cases of infratemporal fossa infection, as seen at the Soroka Medical Center of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, in Beer-Sheva, Israel, and the Mount Sinai Hospital, of the University of Toronto, in Toronto, Canada. This manuscript reviews our experience, with particular emphasis on the effective role and accuracy of CT scanning in identifying the correct anatomic and pathologic diagnosis, as well as in the planning of treatment.

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@article{Tovi1991InfectionsOT, title={Infections of the infratemporal fossa: imaging/clinical correlations.}, author={Ferit Tovi and Yancu Hertzanu and Arnold M Noyek}, journal={The Journal of otolaryngology}, year={1991}, volume={20 Suppl 3}, pages={1-11} }