Infections of Nosema ceranae in four different honeybee species.

  title={Infections of Nosema ceranae in four different honeybee species.},
  author={Veeranan Chaimanee and Natapot Warrit and Panuwan Chantawannakul},
  journal={Journal of invertebrate pathology},
  volume={105 2},
The microsporidium Nosema ceranae is detected in honeybees in Thailand for the first time. This endoparasite has recently been reported to infect most Apis mellifera honeybee colonies in Europe, the US, and parts of Asia, and is suspected to have displaced the endemic endoparasite species, Nosema apis, from the western A. mellifera. We collected and identified species of microsporidia from the European honeybee (A. mellifera), the cavity nesting Asian honeybee (Apis cerana), the dwarf Asian… CONTINUE READING


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Comparison of the two microsporidia that infect honey bees – a review

Mateja SOKLIČ, Aleš Gregorc, Maja ŽIBRAT, Karmen Pazek, Vesna WEINGERL
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Recent worldwide expansion of Nosema ceranae (Microsporidia) in Apis mellifera populations inferred from multilocus patterns of genetic variation.

Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases • 2015
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