Infections caused by Kingella kingae: report of four cases and review.

  title={Infections caused by Kingella kingae: report of four cases and review.},
  author={Alfons Michel Verbruggen and Didier A. Hauglustaine and F Schildermans and L G Van der Hauwaert and J. J. Rombouts and Georges Wauters and Judith M Vandepitte},
  journal={The Journal of infection},
  volume={13 2},
Kingella kingae, formerly known as Moraxella kingae, is a fastidious, non-motile, coccobacillary, fermentative Gram-negative rod that has been chiefly associated with two types of infections in man: bone and joint infections, and endocarditis. We describe four patients with K. kingae infections, one with septicaemia, two with endocarditis, and one with osteoarthritis. The current literature on infections with K. kingae is reviewed. 

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