• Medicine
  • Published 2015

Infecção do trato urinário em pacientes ambulatoriais: prevalência e perfil de sensibilidade frente aos antimicrobianos no período de 2009 a 2012

  title={Infecç{\~a}o do trato urin{\'a}rio em pacientes ambulatoriais: preval{\^e}ncia e perfil de sensibilidade frente aos antimicrobianos no per{\'i}odo de 2009 a 2012},
  author={Ilo Odilon Villa Dias and Alessandra de Mello Coelho and Ionara Dorigon},
Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are a common and frequent complaint in clinical medicine, which occur at any age mainly in women. This study aimed to identify the prevalent microorganisms in UTI in patients served in a communitarian Lab in the city of Chapeco-SC, along with the susceptibility profile against antimicrobials as well as the age and gender group with the highest occurrence of infections. A retrospective epidemiologic study was carried on through the analysis of appraisal reports… CONTINUE READING

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