Infants prefer motionese to adult-directed action.

  title={Infants prefer motionese to adult-directed action.},
  author={Rebecca J. Brand and Wendy L. Shallcross},
  journal={Developmental science},
  volume={11 6},
In two studies, we investigated infants' preference for infant-directed (ID) action or 'motionese' (Brand, Baldwin & Ashburn, 2002) relative to adult-directed (AD) action. In Study 1, full-featured videos were shown to 32 6- to 8-month-olds, who demonstrated a strong preference for ID action. In Study 2, infants at 6-8 months (n= 28) and 11-13 months (n= 24) were shown either standard ID and AD clips, or clips in which demonstrators' faces were blurred to obscure emotional and eye-gaze… CONTINUE READING

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