Infantilizing the Refugee: On the Mobilization of Empathy in Kate Evans’ Threads from the Refugee Crisis

  title={Infantilizing the Refugee: On the Mobilization of Empathy in Kate Evans’ Threads from the Refugee Crisis},
  author={Dragoș Manea and Mihaela Precup},
  journal={a/b: Auto/Biography Studies},
  pages={481 - 487}
Kate Evans’s Threads from the Refugee Crisis documents the difficulties faced by migrants in the Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps as they navigate a series of harrowing situations, from the more wi... 
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The Politics of Lace in Kate Evans’ Threads: From the Refugee Crisis (2017)
Kate Evans’ 2017 comic Threads: From the Refugee Crisis chronicles her visits to the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, where she volunteered with a group of other British nationals to help build
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Giroux, Henry A. “Reading Hurricane Katrina: Race, Class and the Biopolitics of Disposability.” College Literature 33.3 (2006): 171–96. Print. Loescher, Gil, and John A. Scanlan. Calculated Kindness:
[AAM REQ publisher permission LKR 28/06/2018] Calais and its Border Politics From Control to Demolition
This is part of an book titled " Calais and its Border Politics""
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shows. In the end, McDaniel’s essay leads me to propose that politics may well be an attempt to reduce costs and increase rewards from political institutions, but it could also take the form of
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