Infantile spasms: ictal phenomena.

  title={Infantile spasms: ictal phenomena.},
  author={Don W. King and Paul Richard Dyken and I L Spinks and A J Murvin},
  journal={Pediatric neurology},
  volume={1 4},
Ictal phenomena were studied during three separate six-hour video/polygraphic recording sessions in 10 patients with infantile spasms; 1,079 spasms occurred. Frequency during wakefulness (7.7 spasms/hour) was greater than that during sleep (2.5 spasms/hour); 46.6% of spasms occurred in clusters. Spasms were composed of one or more of three phases: a myoclonic contraction, a tonic contraction, and/or an arrest of activity. The most common types were myoclonic-tonic (40.3%) and myoclonic alone… CONTINUE READING

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