Infantile granular parakeratosis: recognition of two clinical patterns.

  title={Infantile granular parakeratosis: recognition of two clinical patterns.},
  author={Mary Wu Chang and Julie M Kaufmann and Seth J Orlow and David M. Cohen and N. Mobini and Hideko Kamino},
  journal={Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology},
  volume={50 5 Suppl},
Granular parakeratosis is an acquired, idiopathic disorder of keratinization typified by retention hyperkeratosis. It usually occurs in women at intertriginous sites. There have been only 2 reports of infants with granular parakeratosis to our knowledge. We describe 3 additional infants with granular parakeratosis. We demonstrate that infantile granular parakeratosis exhibits 2 clinical patterns: bilateral linear plaques in the inguinal folds; and erythematous geometric plaques underlying… CONTINUE READING


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