Infantile fibrosarcoma: magnetic resonance imaging findings in six cases.

  title={Infantile fibrosarcoma: magnetic resonance imaging findings in six cases.},
  author={Sandra Canale and Daniel Vanel and Dominique Couanet and Catherine Patte and Caroline Caramella and Clarisse Dromain},
  journal={European journal of radiology},
  volume={72 1},
PURPOSE To retrospectively review magnetic resonance (MR) imaging features in a series of six infantile fibrosarcomas to find out if MR can suggest this unusual diagnosis and to highlight the value of MR during and following treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS The records of six cases of histologically proven infantile fibrosarcoma were retrieved from the files of our cancer center. All imaging data available were consensually reviewed by two radiologists. RESULTS There were five females and… CONTINUE READING

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