Infant feeding and obesity at 11 years: prospective birth cohort study.

  title={Infant feeding and obesity at 11 years: prospective birth cohort study.},
  author={Marilda Borges Neutzling and Pedro Rodrigues Curi Hallal and Cora Lu{\'i}za Pavin Ara{\'u}jo and Bernardo Lessa Horta and Maria de F{\'a}tima Alves Vieira and Ana B Menezes and C{\'e}sar Gomes Victora},
  journal={International journal of pediatric obesity : IJPO : an official journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity},
  volume={4 3},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between breastfeeding duration, introduction of solid or semi-solid foods before four months of age and overweight/obesity at 11 years. METHODS Prospective population-based birth cohort study, including 1 204 adolescents aged 11 years who were born in Pelotas (Brazil), in 1993, and were previously interviewed at birth, six and 12 months of age. Five explanatory variables were used: duration of any breastfeeding, duration of exclusive or predominant… CONTINUE READING