Inexact Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting Methods

  title={Inexact Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting Methods},
  author={Christoph Hofer and Ulrich Langer and Stefan Takacs},
  journal={arXiv: Numerical Analysis},
In this paper, we investigate inexact variants of dual-primal isogeometric tearing and interconnecting methods for solving large-scale systems of linear equations arising from Galerkin isogeometric discretizations of elliptic boundary value problems. The considered methods are extensions of standard finite element tearing and interconnecting methods to isogeometric analysis. The algorithms are implemented by means of energy minimizing primal subspaces. We discuss the replacement of local sparse… 
Inexact IETI-DP for conforming isogeometric multi-patch discretizations
The sparse LU factorizations are replaced by fast diagonalization based preconditioners to get a faster IETI-DP method while maintaining the same explicit condition number bound.
Robust approximation error estimates and multigrid solvers for isogeometric multi-patch discretizations
  • S. Takacs
  • Computer Science
    Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences
  • 2018
The approximation error estimates and the multigrid solver are extended to this multi-patch case and allow to solve the linear system arising from the discretization of a partial differential equation in Isogeometric Analysis in a single-patch setting with convergence rates that are provably robust both in the grid size and the spline degree.
A Parallel Multigrid Solver for Multi-Patch Isogeometric Analysis
  • C. Hofer, S. Takacs
  • Computer Science
    Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering
  • 2019
The authors show that the multigrid solvers proposed by the authors and their co-workers proved to behave optimal both in the grid size and the spline degree and that they scale well in a parallel environment.
A domain decomposition method for Isogeometric multi-patch problems with inexact local solvers


Adaptive Selection of Primal Constraints for Isogeometric BDDC Deluxe Preconditioners
Several adaptive algorithms are developed in this paper for scalar elliptic problems in an effort to decrease the dimension of the global, coarse component of these preconditioners of the BDDC family of domain decomposition algorithms.
The proof that the proposed isogeometric BDDC preconditioner is scalable in the number of subdomains and quasi-optimal in the ratio of subdomain and element sizes is proved.
Mathematical analysis of variational isogeometric methods*
This review paper collects several results that form part of the theoretical foundation of isogeometric methods. We analyse variational techniques for the numerical resolution of PDEs based on
IETI – Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting
Robust Multigrid for Isogeometric Analysis Based on Stable Splittings of Spline Spaces
It is proved that the resulting multigrid method exhibits iteration numbers which are robust with respect to the spline degree and the mesh size, and can be efficiently realized for discretizations of problems in arbitrarily high geometric dimensio...
A Highly Scalable Implementation of Inexact Nonlinear FETI-DP Without Sparse Direct Solvers
A variant of a nonlinear FETI-DP domain decomposition method is considered. It is combined with a parallel algebraic multigrid method (BoomerAMG) in a way which completely removes sparse direct
A preconditioning technique for indefinite systems resulting from mixed approximations of elliptic problems
This paper provides a preconditioned iterative technique for the solution of saddle point problems by reformulated as a symmetric positive definite system, which is then solved by conjugate gradient iteration.
Finite and Boundary Element Tearing and Interconnecting Solvers for Multiscale Problems
  • C. Pechstein
  • Computer Science
    Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering
  • 2013
One-level FETI/BETI Methods and Dual-Primal Methods for Multiscale Problems and Unbounded Domains.