Inertial-range behaviour of a passive scalar field in a random shear flow

  title={Inertial-range behaviour of a passive scalar field in a random shear flow},
  author={Nikolay V. Antonov and A. V. Malyshev},
Infrared asymptotic behaviour of a scalar field, passively advected by a random shear flow, is studied by means of the field theoretic renormalization group and the operator product expansion. The advecting velocity is Gaussian, white in time, with correlation function of the form $\propto \delta(t-t') / k_{\bot}^{d-1+\xi}$, where $k_{\bot}=|{\bf k}_{\bot}|$ and ${\bf k}_{\bot}$ is the component of the wave vector, perpendicular to the distinguished direction (`direction of the flow') --- the… 
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