Inertial properties of Dutch Warmblood horses.

  title={Inertial properties of Dutch Warmblood horses.},
  author={Heinz Hans Florian Buchner and Hans H. C. M. Savelberg and Henk C. Schamhardt and A B Barneveld},
  journal={Journal of biomechanics},
  volume={30 6},
The complete set of three-dimensional inertial properties (mass, density, centre of mass, inertial tensor) was determined in 26 segments of six Dutch Warmblood horses. The measurements were performed with frozen segments similar to the procedure described by Lephart (1984, J. Biomechanics 17, 537-543). Based on these data linear regression models were developed for the estimation of inertial properties in living horses. The reproducibility of the dissection procedure was found to range between… CONTINUE READING
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