Inertial, barotropic, and baroclinic instabilities of the Bickley jet in two-layer rotating shallow water model

  title={Inertial, barotropic, and baroclinic instabilities of the Bickley jet in two-layer rotating shallow water model},
  author={François Bouchut and Bruno Ribstein and Vladimir Zeitlin},
  journal={Physics of Fluids},
We undertake a detailed study of inertial instability of the barotropic Bickley jet and its nonlinear saturation in the 2 layer rotating shallow water (RSW) model on the f-plane and compare it with the classical barotropic and baroclinic instabilities. We start with analytical and numerical investigation of the linear stability problem under hypothesis of strict homogeneity in the along-flow direction (“symmetric instability”). The unstable modes are identified and their parameters are… 
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