Inequality - what can be done?

  title={Inequality - what can be done?},
  author={Anthony B. Aktinson},
Prof. Atkinson is one of the most influential authors on inequality. This popular science book consists of 400 pages, divided in three parts: Diagnosis, Proposal for Action and Can It Be Done with 11 chapters. Beside these 11 chapters, there is an Introduction and the final part of the book entitled The Way Forward. At the end of the book, there is Glossary and a long list of the notes for each chapter. The book itself is written in a readable manner for development scientists, students of… 

Multidimensional Horizontal and Global Inequality

Tony Atkinson’s Inequality: What Can Be Done? is the best available book on intranational economic inequality, and should be required reading for all citizens who are concerned about the yawning gap

Economic inequality according Atkinson

Tony Atkinson is one of the most prominent academics. He devoted his life to studying and researching inequality. His work has led to the recognition of the economy of equality as a new economic

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The purpose of this article is to offer a non-technical selective survey for a general audience about how economists have progressively handled the concept of equality of opportunity. The key idea is

Putting Inequality in Context

Tony Atkinson’s Inequality: What Can Be Done? is a great book with a sharp analysis of the facts about income inequality and an interesting plea for a policy program to do something about it. One of

The Costs of Inequality and the Affordability of Solutions

In his far-reaching book, Inequality: What Can Be Done?, Anthony Atkinson’s message is clear—inequality is neither inevitable nor immutable. Atkinson’s (2015) evidencebased optimism that something

Book review

  • Michele Combs
  • Economics
    The Indexer: The International Journal of Indexing: Volume 39, Issue 4
  • 2021
In recent years, the theme of income and wealth inequality has been gaining a central role in academic and economic policy debates. This has been underlined by the extraordinary success of Thomas

Measuring inequality in society

Abstract Governments develop policies to reduce unwarranted inequalities in society. Hence, there is a need for well-founded measures of inequality to monitor the impact of such policies. The

Tony Atkinson: The birth and development of modern inequality studies

Anthony (‘Tony’) Atkinson occupies a unique place among economists. During the past half-century, in defiance of prevailing trends, he placed the question of inequality at the centre of his work

12 Inequality and Welfare: Is Europe Special?

This chapter reviews the literature about inequality and welfare with a particular focus on whether Europe has a special sensitivity to these matters or specific outcomes. It is argued that both

Can we reduce income inequality in OECD countries?

Abstract The public debate about inequality has generated a sense of gloom and doom—that high levels of inequality are inevitable and that little can be done. The aim of this paper is to inject a