Inequalities, chance and success in sport competitions: Simulations vs empirical data

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On the role of chance in fencing tournaments: An agent-based approach

It is a widespread belief that success is mainly due to innate qualities rather than external forces. This is particularly true in sports competitions, where individual talent is usually considered…

The Role of Chance in Individual Sports: an Agent-Based Approach for Fencing Tournaments

It is a widespread belief that success is mainly due to innate qualities, rather than to external forces. This is particularly true in sport competitions, where individual talent is considered the…

Variability in competitive decision-making speed and quality against exploiting and exploitative opponents

The hypothesis that slowing down decision-making should increase the likelihood of successful performance in cases where a model of opponent domination can be implemented is tested, confirming that self-imposed reductions in processing time following losses (post-error speeding) were causal factors in determining poorer-quality behaviour.



Variability of Competitive Performance of Elite Athletes: A Systematic Review

Application of power-velocity and power-duration relationships allows transformation of the estimates of within-athlete variability of competitive performance into thresholds for smallest and other important changes in performance in laboratory and field tests of power output.

The Economics of Superstars

IN RECENT years has not felt his gorge rise upon learning the staggeringly high salary of a shortstop, a movie star, an opera singer? A basketball player on a losing team earns $1.2 million; an…

Success and luck in creative careers

It is suggested that luck consistently affects career impact across all considered sectors and improves the understanding in pinpointing the key elements in driving success.

The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports, and Investing

Demonstrating investment skill by investment managers requires persistent and predictable performance. Expectations investing is a process for identifying attractively priced stocks by first…

Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy

Some Ways of Thinking About Equality of Opportunity

M ANY RECENT discussions of the issue of social equality have suggested that there are two polar concepts of equality " equality of opportunity" and "equality or results" and that we must choose…

The Economics of Superstars: Reply

Peter Bowbrick raises some interesting issues that deserve elaboration. Consider a differentiated product with attribute q that sells for p(q) per unit in the market. Assume an economy of scale in…