Industrializing software development: a Japanese approach


An overview is given of Japan's Sigma (Software Industrialized Generator and Maintenance Aids), and of the Sigma system itself. Sigma provides a rich, standardized environment. It consists of the Sigma Center, Sigma network, and Sigma user sites. The Sigma Center will help users who are constructing development environments of programs using those environments. It will provide database services, demonstration services, and part of the network service. The Sigma network is a Unix-based network that connects the Sigma Center to the Sigma user sites, the Sigma Center to external networks. A typical Sigma user site includes Sigma workstations running Sigma OS, a local area network, and the Sigma gateway, which is a communications server and protocol-conversion system. The Sigma development tools are discussed.<<ETX>>

DOI: 10.1109/52.23125

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