Industrialisation as an engine of growth in developing countries

  title={Industrialisation as an engine of growth in developing countries},
  author={A. E. Szirmai},
  journal={Research Papers in Economics},
  • A. Szirmai
  • Published 7 October 2009
  • Economics
  • Research Papers in Economics

The determinants of industrialisation in developing countries

Industrialisation is generally considered a synonym of economic development. This paper contributes to the literature on the engine of growth hypothesis with an empirical analysis of the determinants

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Historically, manufacturing has played a key role in the economic development of developing countries. The experience of countries like India, which invested in services, and the failure of

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This paper analyses broad changes in the global structure of production in the last half century. The analysis is carried out along two dimensions: sectoral and geographical. A novelty of the paper

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Over the past decades there has been ample evidence that a manufacturing sector plays an important role in overall development. In East Asia, recent job creation in industry has lifted large parts of

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This paper goes back to the Cornwall (1977) model for explaining the role of manufacturing in economic growth and estimates the equation of manufacturing growth. It contributes to the literature on

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Manufacturing The industrial sector, it is generally agreed is a key engine of growth in the development process. Virtually all cases of high, rapid, and sustained economic growth in modern economic



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Since 1950, there has been considerable diversity in developing country experiences. Some countries and some regions have experienced rapid growth and catch up, others have fallen behind. At a global

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工业化和经济増长的比较研究 = Industrialization and growth: a comparative study

The relation between industrialization and economic growth is a subject of continuing controversy. Historically, the rise in the share of manufacturing in output and employment as per capita income

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A MAJOR concern of economic historians since World War II has been to interpret the process of industrialization in now developed countries. One prominent line of approach has been to compare the

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In Technology and Industrial Progress, Nick von Tunzelmann examines theoretical views on the nature and contribution of technology, and the empirical evidence from the major industrializing countries

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John Cornwall built his analysis of Modern Capitalism on a combination of two strands of thought; the Schumpeter-Svennilson view of capitalist development as a process of qualitative change driven by

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Recent studies of economic growth have moved from explaining average trends in long-term growth to study growth accelerations and decelerations. In this paper we argue that the standard shift-share

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