Industrial Recycling and Alternative Fuel Program

  • George C. Handy, Stephen J. Mackmull
  • Published 2010


Aiken, SC 29802 Sharon V. Johnson-U.S. Department of Energy Savannah River PO Box A I Building 703-A Aiken, SC 29802 This pilot study will create an industrial recycling and alternative fuel opportunity for the Department of Energy (USDOE) as well as establish a partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS) and private industry. The core goals of the partnership between the USDOE, USPS, and industry are to simultaneously increase business success while, driving down pollution and waste. Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is developing a baseline to integrate current industrial needs with the waste to energy concept for the Department of Energy. The overall benefit in this partnering venture will demonstrate that federal agencies can operate effectively and efficiently using innovative technologies to meet environmental, economic and stakeholder concerns and needs. A current Waste to Energy Project at Savannah River Operations will be discussed as the basis of this paper and the pilot project. Introduction The United States Department of Energy Savannah River Site (DOE/SR) is committed to reducing the amount of material landfilled from the Savannah River Site (SRS). DOE/SR is working with the USPS and regional industry to develop opportunities for the reuse of industrial waste streams. The Federal "right sizing", rising waste disposal costs, falling recyclables markets, and rising fuel costs combine to create a needs driven opportunity. The challenge is to develop a program that will provide a solution to the rising costs associated with waste management while, decreasing pollution and waste. Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is working with the AFP partners to develop a pilot that will recycle the partners existing waste streams into a cleaner burning less expensive fuel for powerhouses. The program team has identified suitable wastestreams for use as feedstocks and a willing powerhouse to test the alternative fuel.

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