Industrial Control Systems Vulnerabilities and Security Issues and Future Enhancements

  title={Industrial Control Systems Vulnerabilities and Security Issues and Future Enhancements},
  author={H. Chae and Aamir Shahzad and Muhammad Irfan and HyangRan Lee and Malrey Lee and Chon Buk},
Massive numbers of applications have been developed to fulfill the requirements of end-users; the world is considered as a cell of communication in which applications are centralized and distributed, and accessed by internet. Like traditional networks, real time networks such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, distributed controller systems (DCSs) and others have been employing the internet technology to connect their various stations, and with central controller(s… Expand
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Review of cybersecurity issues in industrial critical infrastructure: manufacturing in perspective
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ICS/SCADA System Security for CPS
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A Contribution to Enhance the Panoramic Image Security via Cryptography and Shuffled Methods
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Tedeschi, Stefano and Emmanouilidis, Christos and Farnsworth, Michael and Mehnen, Jorn and Roy, Rajkumar (2017) New threats for old manufacturing problems : secure IoT-enabled monitoring of legacy production machinery. In: Advances in Production Management
The digitization of manufacturing through the introduction of Industrie 4.0 technologies creates additional business opportunities and technical challenges. The integration of such technologies onExpand


Key Encryption Method for SCADA Security Enhancement
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Security and Vulnerability of SCADA Systems over IP-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Hyungjun Kim
  • Computer Science
  • Int. J. Distributed Sens. Networks
  • 2012
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Challenges and Direction toward Secure Communication in the SCADA System
  • S. Hong, Myungho Lee
  • Computer Science
  • 2010 8th Annual Communication Networks and Services Research Conference
  • 2010
The security protocol which has been proposed in the SCADA cyber security initiatives and implementation issues when the both security function and the communication function are implemented on the embedded system devices in future power grid including theSCADA network are explained. Expand
Secure security model implementation for security services and related attacks base on end-to-end, application layer and data link layer security
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A novel solution which deploy the security mechanism, more advance cryptography solution within distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) stack as a part of critical system (or SCADA) system is based on. Expand
Vulnerability of Smart Grids With Variable Generation and Consumption: A System of Systems Perspective
  • E. Zio, G. Sansavini
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems
  • 2013
This paper looks into the vulnerabilities of the electric power grid and associated communication network, in the face of intermittent power generation and uncertain demand within a complex networkExpand