Industrial Control System Monitoring Based on Communication Profile

  title={Industrial Control System Monitoring Based on Communication Profile},
  author={Masafumi Matta and Masato Koike and Wataru Machii and Tomomi Aoyama and Hidemasa Naruoka and Ichiro Koshijima and Yoshihiro Hashimoto},
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Intrusion Detection Using Long Short-Term Memory Model for Industrial Control System
A long short-term memory (LSTM) model was developed based on the packet intervals during steady-state operation, and an intrusion detection method using the LSTM model was proposed and evaluated on a cybersecurity testbed using penetration tests. Expand
Cyber-Attack Detection for Industrial Control System Monitoring with Support Vector Machine Based on Communication Profile
A discriminant model between normal and anomalous packets was constructed with a support vector machine (SVM) based on an ICS communication profile, which represents only packet intervals and length, and an IDS with the applied model is proposed. Expand
A Software-Defined Security Approach for Securing Field Zones in Industrial Control Systems
A software-defined security (SDSec) approach is presented that consists of a hybrid anomaly detection module and a multi-level security response module, both of which work together to secure the ICS field zones. Expand
Intrusion Detection Model of SCADA Using Graphical Features
  • Dinghua Wang, Dong-qin Feng
  • Computer Science
  • 2018 IEEE 3rd Advanced Information Technology, Electronic and Automation Control Conference (IAEAC)
  • 2018
The vulnerability of supervisory control and data acquisition system was analyzed, combining common attacks such as information scanning, response injection, command injection and denial of service in industrial control systems, and an intrusion detection model based on graphical features is proposed. Expand


Safety securing approach against cyber-attacks for process control system
A new protection approach using an information system securing technique called “zones and conduits” to process control and dividing the control system network into plural zones means higher possibility of detecting cyber-attacks and preventing operational accidents can be achieved. Expand
An introduction to intrusion detection
A computer system should provide confidentiality, integrity and assurance against denial of service, but due to increased connectivity, and the vast spectrum of financial possibilities that are opening up, more and more systems are subject to attack by intruders. Expand