Indus Collapse: The End or the Beginning of an Asian Culture?

  title={Indus Collapse: The End or the Beginning of an Asian Culture?},
  author={Andrew Lawler},
  pages={1281 - 1283}
The puzzling downfall of an ancient civilization more than 3 millennia ago sparks debate today in both scientific and political circles. 

Nothing Lasts Forever: Environmental Discourses on the Collapse of Past Societies

The study of the collapse of past societies raises many questions for the theory and practice of archaeology. Interest in collapse extends as well into the natural sciences and environmental and

Multiple evidences indicate no relationship between prehistoric disasters in Lajia site and outburst flood in upper Yellow River valley, China

All around the world, ancient legends exist about the Great Flood, and the influence of the Great Flood in human evolutionary history is a hotly debated topic. In China, the legend of the prehistoric

Geoarchaeology, climate change, sustainability: A mediterranean perspective

Although geological study of Pleistocene cave sites goes back to the nineteenth century, a new paradigm was set in train during the 1920s, when G. Caton-Thompson and E.W. Gardner established a

The Lost Saraswati River of Northwestern Indian Plains: Status and way forward

Buried course of the desiccated river Saraswati/ Ghagghar-Hakara from Himalayan front to Arabian Sea through the plains of NW India has been in discussion and scientific investigations since ~140

Holocene stratigraphic sequences in the northern Ordos Plateau and its implications for the disappearance of Huoluochaideng ancient city in the Han Dynasty, North China

The Huoluochaideng ancient city, located in the northern Ordos Plateau, once was a prosperous metropolis in Han Dynasty. However, the city suddenly disappeared at ~2.0 ka and the reason for the

Energy and human ecology: a critical security approach

Energy security has long been an important aspect of state security, but has only rarely been thought of as an environmental issue. Yet given our dependence on fossil fuels, a finite natural

To Default or Not? The Aftermath of Sovereign Defaults and IMF Austerity Programs During Economic Crises

Economic crises are an agonizing feature of modern economies leading to dramatic falls in the real GDP per capita. A crisis can exhaust country's resources forcing it to either apply for an IMF

Genetic evidence for recent population mixture in India.

Hydrology and water resources management in ancient India

Abstract. Hydrologic knowledge in India has a historical footprint extending over several millenniums through the Harappan civilization (∼3000–1500 BCE) and the Vedic Period (∼1500–500 BCE). As in