Inductive Power Link for a Wireless Cortical Implant With Two-Body Packaging

  title={Inductive Power Link for a Wireless Cortical Implant With Two-Body Packaging},
  author={K. M. Silay and Catherine Dehollain and Michel J. Declercq},
  journal={IEEE Sensors Journal},
This paper presents an inductive power link for remote powering of a wireless cortical implant. The link includes a Class-E power amplifier, a gate driver, an inductive link, and an integrated rectifier. The coils of the inductive link are designed and optimized for remote powering from a distance of 10 mm (scalp thickness). The power amplifier is designed in order to allow closed-loop control of the power delivered to the implant, by controlling the supply voltage. Moreover, a gate driver is… CONTINUE READING
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