Induction of tumor NK-cell immunity by anti-CD69 antibody therapy.

  title={Induction of tumor NK-cell immunity by anti-CD69 antibody therapy.},
  author={Enric Esplugues and Javier Vega-Ramos and David Cartoix{\`a} and Berta N. Vazquez and Ignasi Salaet and P. Engel and Pilar Lauzurica},
  volume={105 11},
The leukocyte activation marker CD69 is a novel regulator of the immune response, modulating the production of cytokines including transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta). We have generated an antimurine CD69 monoclonal antibody (mAb), CD69.2.2, which down-regulates CD69 expression in vivo but does not deplete CD69-expressing cells. Therapeutic administration of CD69.2.2 to wild-type mice induces significant natural killer (NK) cell-dependent antitumor responses to major histocompatibility… CONTINUE READING


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