Induction of the PML protein by interferons in normal and APL cells.

  title={Induction of the PML protein by interferons in normal and APL cells.},
  author={M K Chelbi-Alix and Luis Pelicano and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}rique Quignon and Marcel H. M. Koken and Letizia Venturini and Mario Stadler and Jovan Pavlovic and Laurent Degos and Hugues de Th{\'e}},
  volume={9 12},
PML has been identified through its fusion to the RAR alpha gene in acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). The PML protein is specifically associated to nuclear bodies (NBs) whose alterations in APL were proposed to contribute to leukemogenesis. The role of this nuclear domain (which also harbors the Sp100 autoantigen and the NDP52 protein) is unknown. Here, we show that the PML protein, like Sp100 and NDP52, is induced by interferons (IFNs alpha, beta and gamma) in a large variety of human cells… CONTINUE READING


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