Induction of regulatory T cells by a murine β-defensin.

  title={Induction of regulatory T cells by a murine β-defensin.},
  author={Fatemeh Navid and Michele Boniotto and Catherine J Walker and Kerstin Ahrens and Ehrhardt Proksch and Tim Sparwasser and Werner M{\"u}ller and Thomas Schwarz and Agatha Schwarz},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={188 2},
β-Defensins are antimicrobial peptides of the innate immune system produced in the skin by various stimuli, including proinflammatory cytokines, bacterial infection, and exposure to UV radiation (UVR). In this study we demonstrate that the UVR-inducible antimicrobial peptide murine β-defensin-14 (mBD-14) switches CD4(+)CD25(-) T cells into a regulatory… CONTINUE READING