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Induction of lymphokines by tilorone.

  title={Induction of lymphokines by tilorone.},
  author={B. Fahlbusch and W. Zschiesche and I. Schumann and E. Tonew},
  journal={Archivum immunologiae et therapiae experimentalis},
  volume={25 5},
Serum obtained 16 hr after p.o. application of tilorone [2, 7-bis/2-diethylaminoethoxy/-fluoren-9-one dihydrochloride] to ABD2F1 mice demonstrated both interferon and migration inhibitory (MIF) activity. Kinetic studies showed a close correspondence between interferon and MIF serum levels. The physiochemical characteristics of tilorone-induced MIF (heat and pH lability, molecular size) are compared with those of MIF generated in in vitro lymphocyte cultures. The findings are discussed in… Expand
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