Induction of liver monooxygenases by beta-myrcene.

  title={Induction of liver monooxygenases by beta-myrcene.},
  author={Ana Cec{\'i}lia A X De-Oliveira and Luis Felipe Ribeiro-Pinto and Siegfried Otto and Alexandre C. Gonçalves and Francisco Jos{\'e} Roma Paumgartten},
  volume={124 2},
Beta-Myrcene (MYR) is an acyclic monoterpene found in the essential oils of a variety of useful plants such as lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus), hop, verbena, bay and others. MYR and essential oils containing this olefinic monoterpene are widely used as flavoring food additives, as fragrances in cosmetics and as scents in household products. The present study was undertaken to investigate the induction of liver monooxygenases by MYR. Female Wistar rats were treated by gavage with MYR (1000 mg… CONTINUE READING
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