Induction of human antigen-specific suppressor factors in vitro.


Based on methods used for the in vitro induction of antigen-specific suppressor cells in the mouse, we have cultured Ficoll-Isopaque-separated human blood cells with high dose of antigen (100 microgram/ml) in Marbrook culture vessels for 4 days. The resulting cells, when further recultured for 24 hr with a low dose of antigen (1 microgram/ml), released into… (More)


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@article{Kontiainen1981InductionOH, title={Induction of human antigen-specific suppressor factors in vitro.}, author={Sirkka Kontiainen and Jamie Woody and Anne Rees and Marni G Feldmann}, journal={Clinical and experimental immunology}, year={1981}, volume={43 3}, pages={517-25} }