Induction of cachexia in mice by systemically administered myostatin.


Mice and cattle with genetic deficiencies in myostatin exhibit dramatic increases in skeletal muscle mass, suggesting that myostatin normally suppresses muscle growth. Whether this increased muscling results from prenatal or postnatal lack of myostatin activity is unknown. Here we show that myostatin circulates in the blood of adult mice in a latent form… (More)


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@article{Zimmers2002InductionOC, title={Induction of cachexia in mice by systemically administered myostatin.}, author={Teresa A. Zimmers and Monique V Davies and Leonidas G. Koniaris and Paul Haynes and Aurora F Esquela and Kathy N Tomkinson and Alexandra C. McPherron and Neil M. Wolfman and Se-Jin Lee}, journal={Science}, year={2002}, volume={296 5572}, pages={1486-8} }