Induction of autoimmune valvular heart disease by recombinant streptococcal m protein.

  title={Induction of autoimmune valvular heart disease by recombinant streptococcal m protein.},
  author={Anthony Quinn and Stanley D. Kosanke and Vincent A. Fischetti and Stephen M. Factor and Madeleine W. Cunningham},
  journal={Infection and immunity},
  volume={69 6},
Rheumatic heart disease is an autoimmune sequela of group A streptococcal infection. Previous studies have established that streptococcal M protein is structurally and immunologically similar to cardiac myosin, a well-known mediator of inflammatory heart disease. In this study, we investigated the hypothesis that streptococcal M protein could produce inflammatory valvular heart lesions similar to those seen in rheumatic fever (RF). Fifty percent (3 of 6) of Lewis rats immunized with recombinant… CONTINUE READING


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