Induction of acrosome reactions by the human zona pellucida.

  title={Induction of acrosome reactions by the human zona pellucida.},
  author={Nicholas L. Cross and Patricia Y. Morales and James W. Overstreet and F. W. Hanson},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={38 1},
We have used two approaches to test the ability of the human zona pellucida to induce acrosome reactions in human sperm. First, nonviable human oocytes were incubated for 1 min in a suspension of capacitated sperm (of which fewer than 5% were acrosome-reacted) to allow binding of about 200 sperm per oocyte. Some of the oocytes were fixed immediately, and the remainder were fixed after a further 1-h incubation without free-swimming sperm. As determined by light microscopy, sperm on the zona were… CONTINUE READING

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