Induction of TNF-α Production by Metal Complexes of γ-Globulin Fraction Proteins and Copper and Zinc Cations

  title={Induction of TNF-α Production by Metal Complexes of γ-Globulin Fraction Proteins and Copper and Zinc Cations},
  author={Sergei B. Cheknev and Irina E. Efremova and Maria A. Apresova and A. A. Babajantz},
  journal={Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine},
Plasma γ-globulin fraction proteins, copper and zinc cations, and metal complexes of these cations and human serum γ-globulin induce the production of TNF-α by human blood cells. The protein modified by zinc cations is by 1.4-1.7 times more potent (p<0.001-0.01) than control γ-globulin in inducing the production of TNF-α, while metal complex formed by γ-globulin and copper is by 1.9-2.2 times more potent that the control protein (p<0.001). Under conditions of experimental induction, TNF-α is… CONTINUE READING

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