Induction of RelB participates in endotoxin tolerance.

  title={Induction of RelB participates in endotoxin tolerance.},
  author={Barbara K Yoza and Jean Y-Q Hu and Sue L. Cousart and Lolita M. Forrest and Charles E McCall},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={177 6},
Using a THP-1 human promonocyte model of endotoxin tolerance that simulates the sepsis leukocyte phenotype, we previously showed that tolerant cells remain responsive to LPS endotoxin with degradation of IkappaB in the cytosol and nuclear translocation and accumulation of p50 and p65 NF-kappaB transcription factors. Despite this, endotoxin-inducible NF-kappaB-dependent innate immunity genes, like IL-1beta, remained transcriptionally unresponsive in the tolerant phenotype, similar to the… CONTINUE READING
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