Induction of Ovulation with Epimestrol and Luteinizing Hormone‐Releasing Hormone (LH‐RH)

  title={Induction of Ovulation with Epimestrol and Luteinizing Hormone‐Releasing Hormone (LH‐RH)},
  author={H. Maia and I. Barbosa and A. J. Nascimento and M. B. Souza},
  journal={International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics},
Luteinizing hormone‐releasing hormone (LH‐RH) was used to induce LH surge and ovulation in 20 patients in whom follicular maturation was provoked by epimestrol, used in a dose of 5 mg/day from the fifth to 14th day of the cycle. Patients with elevated prolaction levels and galactorrhea were not included in the study. Complete follicular maturation, as inferred by estradiol levels above 200 pg/ml, were observed in 13 of 20 patients following epimestrol treatment. LH‐RH induced ovulation in 90… Expand
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