Induction of DNA hypomethylation by tumor hypoxia.

  title={Induction of DNA hypomethylation by tumor hypoxia.},
  author={Siranoush Shahrzad and Kelsey C. Bertrand and Kanwal J Minhas and Brenda L Coomber},
  volume={2 2},
In cancer, the extensive methylation found in the bulk of chromatin is reduced, while the normally unmethylated CpG islands become hypermethylated. Regions of solid tumors are transiently and/or chronically exposed to ischemia (hypoxia) and reperfusion, conditions known to contribute to cancer progression. We hypothesized that hypoxic microenvironment may influence local epigenetic alterations, leading to inappropriate silencing and re-awakening of genes involved in cancer. We cultured human… CONTINUE READING


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