Induction of Anesthesia with Halothane Increases Plasma Norepinephrine Concentrations

  title={Induction of Anesthesia with Halothane Increases Plasma Norepinephrine Concentrations},
  author={J. Joyce and M. Roizen and J. I. Gerson and H. Grobecker and E. Eger and A. R. Forbes},
: In seven unstimulated, unmedicated patients given halothane/O2 via face mask, plasma norepinephrine concentration increased 15 min after induction and returned to control at 45 to 60 min. Changes in plasma norepinephrine levels did not correlate with changes in cardiovascular variables. In 10 additional awake, unpremedicated patients, plasma norepinephrine concentration did not change during 5 min of application of 100 per cent oxygen via face mask, but rose with subsequent administration of… Expand
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