Induction across germ layers in Drosophila mediated by a genetic cascade.

  title={Induction across germ layers in Drosophila mediated by a genetic cascade.},
  author={K Immergl{\"u}ck and Peter A Lawrence and Mariann Bienz},
  volume={62 2},
We report an induction process occurring between two germ layers in the Drosophila embryo that involves a cascade of five interacting genes. Two of these, Ultrabithorax and abdominal-A, encode nuclear homeobox proteins; each of them is expressed in one of two adjacent parasegments in the visceral mesoderm and directs expression in its parasegment of a separate target gene, decapentaplegic in parasegment 7 and wingless in parasegment 8. The activity of both target genes is required for normal… CONTINUE READING
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