Induction Motor Starting in Practical Industrial Applications

  title={Induction Motor Starting in Practical Industrial Applications},
  author={Xiaodong Liang and Obinna Ilochonwu},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications},
Variable-frequency drives (VFDs) offer smooth and soft motor-starting characteristics. They are widely used in various industrial areas. In this paper, electrical parameters for induction motor starting using VFDs are derived mathematically using the equivalent circuit of induction motors. Factors that could significantly affect the motor-starting performance are investigated. An electrical submersible pump system with various lengths of downhole cables is used as a motor-starting case study. 
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This paper sets out to provide application guidelines on the correct selection of a variable frequency drive for use with a centrifugal pump, to provide flow, pressure or temperature control.
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Liang is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Alberta, Canada
  • Liang is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Alberta, Canada