Induction Motor-Drive Systems with Fault Tolerant Inverter-Motor Capabilities

  title={Induction Motor-Drive Systems with Fault Tolerant Inverter-Motor Capabilities},
  author={Chia-Chou Yeh and N. A. O. Demerdash},
  journal={2007 IEEE International Electric Machines & Drives Conference},
A low-cost fault tolerant drive topology for low- speed applications such as "self-healing/limp-home" needs for vehicles and propulsion systems, with capabilities for mitigating transistor open-circuit switch and short-circuit switch faults is presented in this paper. The present fault tolerant topology requires only minimum hardware modifications to the conventional off-the-shelf six-switch three-phase drive, with only the addition of electronic components such as triacs/SCRs and fast-acting… CONTINUE READING
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