Induction Heating Based 3D Metal Printing of Eutectic Alloy Using Vibrating Nozzle

  title={Induction Heating Based 3D Metal Printing of Eutectic Alloy Using Vibrating Nozzle},
  author={Hemang Kumar Jayant and Manish Arora},
Induction heating has been used widely for heating and melting of metal workpieces. We have designed and developed a low-power, high-frequency electromagnetic Induction heater (IH) for metal 3D printing using a zero-voltage switching (ZVS) circuit. During this process, an alternating current pass through inductor and capacitor tank circuit at its resonating frequency and creates an alternating magnetic field inside the helical induction coil. Alternating magnetic field leads to the generation… 

Application of induction heating in the FDM/FFF 3D manufacturing

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