Inducting the Transformed School Counselor Into the Profession

  title={Inducting the Transformed School Counselor Into the Profession},
  author={C. Marie Jackson and Brent M. Snow and Susan R. Boes and Paul Phillips and Rebecca Powell Stanard and Linda C. Painter and Mary Beth Wulff},
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graduates also have been prepared as leaders in attaining equitable opportunities for all students. According to House and Martin (1998) an increasingly global society calls for better use of resources and demands closing the achievement gap between poor and minority children and their more advantaged peers. This new vision developed through the TSCI has focused on the need to increase academic achievement and has acknowl- 
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Transformed School Counseling: The Impact of a Graduate Course on Trainees’ Perceived Readiness to Develop Comprehensive, Data-Driven Programs:
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An examination of the role, challenges and needs of the Singapore school counselling service
The perceived role of identity relating to its provision, execution and resonance with significant others interrelated to this role is explored to help in the alignment of Ministry of Education’s future planning of selection, training areas and accurate provision of support for school counsellors. Expand


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Induction of Counselors into the Profession.
Amidst all of the rhetoric on education and that these competencies be incor appearing in reports, legislative proposals, porated into certification and accreditation opinion polls, and statementsExpand