Induced gynogenesis in the rainbow trout: Sex and survival of progenies production of all-triploid populations

  title={Induced gynogenesis in the rainbow trout: Sex and survival of progenies production of all-triploid populations},
  author={D. Chourrout and Edwige Quillet},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics},
Gynogenesis could be an efficient way for producing inbred lines in commercial fish species. Gamma-irradiation of sperm gives haploid embryos that all die without hatching; in the present study, we optimized heat treatment of the eggs, in order to produce high rates of diploid gynogenetics. When the eggs are heated to 26 °C for 20 min after 25 min of development, 80% of the embryos hatch, and all the resulting fry are diploid; nevertheless, high mortalities are recorded until feeding start. The… CONTINUE READING

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