Induced fermionic current by a magnetic tube in the cosmic string spacetime

  title={Induced fermionic current by a magnetic tube in the cosmic string spacetime},
  author={M. S. Maior de Sousa and R F Ribeiro and Eugenio R. Bezerra de Mello},
  journal={Physical Review D},
In this paper, we consider a charged massive fermionic quantum field in the space-time of an idealized cosmic string, in the presence of a magnetic field confined in a cylindrical tube of finite radius. Three distinct configurations for the magnetic field is taken into account: (i) a cylindrical shell of radius $a$, (ii) a magnetic field proportional to $1/r$ and (iii) a constant magnetic field. In these three cases, the axis of the infinitely long tube of radius $a$ coincides with the cosmic… 

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A Table of Integrals

Basic Forms x n dx = 1 n + 1 x n+1 (1) 1 x dx = ln |x| (2) udv = uv − vdu (3) 1 ax + b dx = 1 a ln |ax + b| (4) Integrals of Rational Functions 1 (x + a) 2 dx = −


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