Induced entanglement entropy of harmonic oscillators in non-commutative phase space

  title={Induced entanglement entropy of harmonic oscillators in non-commutative phase space},
  author={Bingsheng Lin and Jian Xu and Tai-Hua Heng},
  journal={Modern Physics Letters A},
We study the entanglement entropy of harmonic oscillators in non-commutative phase space (NCPS). We propose a new definition of quantum Rényi entropy based on Wigner functions in NCPS. Using the Rényi entropy, we calculate the entanglement entropy of the ground state of the 2D isotropic harmonic oscillators. We find that for some values of the non-commutative parameters, the harmonic oscillators can be entangled in NCPS. This is a new entanglement-like effect caused by the non-commutativity of… 

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