Induced Systemic Resistance Against Citrus Canker Disease by Rhizobacteria.

  title={Induced Systemic Resistance Against Citrus Canker Disease by Rhizobacteria.},
  author={Nadia Riera and Han Wang and Yong Li and Jinyun Li and Kirsten S Pelz-Stelinski and Nian Wang},
  volume={108 9},
Citrus canker, caused by Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri, is an important citrus disease that causes significant economic losses worldwide. All commercial citrus varieties are susceptible to citrus canker. Currently, chemical control with copper based products is the main approach to control X. citri subsp. citri dispersal and plant colonization. However, extensive use of copper compounds can result in copper-resistant strains and cause adverse effects on the environment. Alternatives to… CONTINUE READING
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